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"Give yourself time and honour your feelings.

We can find freedom in the body through the mind and in the mind through the body"
Akram Khan

Mental training

Personal development

Artists I Business I Schools I Individuals

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Virtual sessions

Digital development allows you to practice Sophrology from the comfort of your home, your workplace, your school.

You will benefit from the same quality of support as during a face-to-face session and without any concerns related to the current health context.


In small groups, in our dance studio, within your school, at your workplace.

A big thank you to you  Muriel Onuphre 

You are now part of my daily  Sophro Nunc.

At first I was unsure about a virtual session, but now I recommend you with your eyes closed.

Listen to yourself, let go, and enjoy a moment with yourself !!!


Thank you for this moment of escape.


Dance teacher

Our programs

Mental  Preparation

➜ Mental Preparation for ALL.

Mentale  Mental preparation offers to work body and mind hand in hand to help achieve a goal.

For example: preparing for a sports competition, an examination, public speaking, a job interview, medical intervention, etc.

➜ As part of the dancer's training

Individual and group work throughout the year in cooperation with the teaching team. The goal is to positively optimize the physical and mental capacities of the dancer.
 - Strengthen self-confidence and self-esteem,
 - Manage stress, failure, injuries,
 - Optimize internal speeches, stage performances / auditions ...
 - Promote technical learning, concentration.


Well being: Body + Mind method

Personalised programs to help you with:
- Stress management,
- Emotion management,
- Pain management, 

- Physical and mental well-being,


➜ Well-being in business 

➜ Workshops for teachers

Exercises to integrate into the daily life of the classroom, the dance studio for the well-being of the students. 

- Improve concentration, motivation, dynamism

- Relieve tensions, pressure, anger ...

- Relax, calm down, focus, refocus ...



Tarifs - Devis


Muriel Onuphre
06 14 47 50 95

NUNC (Latin): NOW/I am
Association 1901 which aims to promote solidarity and well-being in all its forms

REBOOT Body + Mind®: Well being Concept Sophro Nunc, Reboot, Pilates Evolution.


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