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Melissa B

Professional dancer

"After these 8 sophrology sessions with Muriel, I am FINALLY positive, relaxed and above all peaceful.

Thanks to all my sophrology sessions and the exercises that have become part of my daily life, I feel light inside and I realize that I only have to give the best of myself without putting myself under pressure. I no longer put pressure on myself for my homework or even for dancing.

Sophrology also allowed me to open up to others, especially my family ... I now know how to focus on myself and relax easily.

The sophrology also allowed me to make body pains disappear, which helps me a lot for my dance.

Now I continue my daily exercises and feel very peaceful.

A BIG thank you to Muriel who helped me change. "

Melissa b

Muriel is a concentrate of sweetness, kindness and efficiency!
Its multidisciplinary approach gives its accompaniments an original dimension that can be applied far beyond dance ...
Make way for emotions and emotions of the body and mind!

Sébastien Melin - Sophrologist Marseille

Muriel is attentive and knows how to adapt her sessions according to our needs
For me who was a novice in sophrology it is a real success
Thank you 😊

Agnes G

Muriel works with the students of my professional dance school as part as their body & mind  training, the results are beyond what we can imagine. Her experience in the fields of dance, yoga, knowledge of the body in movement added to his great open-mindedness, his patience make his approach to sophrology a support in our daily life. I recommend ++++

Agnès Zazzi - Director of Studios Danze Emoi

"The sophrology sessions helped me, throughout the confinement period, to welcome my feelings without making any judgment, to accept the bad weather and to be more attentive to my body.

This allowed me to acquire precious tools, to find peace, to develop my imagination and above all to become aware of my breathing!

I thank Muriel for the time she has given me and for the richness of what she has given me, I look forward to continuing this path! "


Dancer in professional training

"I recently discovered an incredible method that allowed me to be in tune with my body and my mind.
Sophrology helps me to have better control over my emotions using a variety of tools like breathing and positive visualisation.
I recommend this method 100%. "


"In these hours of confinement, yet lived with serenity, an obviousness appeared to me: my motivation as a teacher was slowly fading away in the mist of this daily inactivity but not only.

So when Muriel launched her program on Motivation of the dancer, I rushed.

The purpose of the first session is for the therapist to know you better. You have to be ready to share a little bit of yourself, but sophrology guarantees professional secrecy, so you can go with confidence.

Once the objectives are formulated and the sophrologist is sure to have understood all your answers to his questions, the exercises begin. Breathing, visualisation and relaxation ... "

Marine Cebreros Zegar - Dance teacher

"In these days of confinement sophrology helps me to escape, to use my imagination and above all to teach me to manage my emotions like stress or anxiety ...


... I strongly recommend to everyone but in particular to the dancers to learn about this practice which is very effective for our daily life.

Nothing comes naturally, you have to repeat the exercises every day to perceive at least after two weeks of changes, it's like a classic bar that we do every morning, it's the same, sophrology does now part of my daily life even becoming a need. "


Virginie Juan - Directrice Dynamic Studio Dance

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