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Muriel Onuphre
Qualified Sophrologist

Why Sophrology?


After 17 years in London teaching dance and French, here I am back in the South of France, in a small village in Vaucluse with a project in mind, to create a bilingual dance school. It was in 2016, a return to the London scent and all that that entails, vegetarian nearly vegan, yoga, Pilates, meditation and all that jazz ...

The time for retraining is becoming clearer and one thing is certain, I have to stay in the dance. I've been teaching it for 30 years, I trained a lot of dancers on the stage in France but also in London, listening to the body is part of my job as a teacher ... and that's where the click is made ... Sophrology for dancers ...

Having practiced sophrology personally, the link with the dance and the training of the dancer is made quite naturally. Why train only the body when you can maximize your dance with the tools provided by sophrology *?

I passed a Level 5 diploma in Education and Training in 2017, I became Pilates Evolution certified in 2019, I did a certifying training at the Sophrology Training Institute in Marseille and I became a member of the Chamber Sophrology union.

And my path is quietly traced ...

I work in my school and in places of dance and applied arts curious and interested in the personal development of their speakers and dancers in training. 

I carry out individual accompaniments in videoconference for all: Ad hoc sessions and with protocol.


My Dance course:

Dance Education Specialist 

London: Central School of Ballet, Pineapple Studios, Dancework Studios, Dance College London

France: CID Bruno Vandelli (Cannes), Lyon Scene Formation (Lyon), Le Grenier du Corps (Marseille), Studio Danze Emoi (Brignoles)

NUNC Dance Academy 

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